Author guidelines

The paper is to be submitted for inclusion in the proceedings and the presentation is done according to the following guidelines.

Extended abstract and full paper submission


Proposals for organising a mini-symposium are called for. Such proposals should give: Proposals for organising a mini-symposium can be submitted by 31 March 2011 to:

Paper presentation

  1. For each paper a 30 min. slot for presentation and discussion is planned.
  2. Speakers should strictly adhere to the time limits in order to allow delegates who wish to switch between sessions, to do so.
  3. If a particular speaker needs more time (s)he may, at the discretion of the mini-symposium organiser(s), be allowed two 30 min. slots.

Paper Submission

The paper are submitted and uploaded to the conference server.
Please register and upload your paper at the ParCo2011 paper repository.